I’m a software engineer with a passion for game development.


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Software engineer by day, Youtube Teacher by night!

My name is Ryan and I'm based in Ontario, Canada. I've been interested in computing since a young age, always tinkering around with whatever hardware we had around the house. I didn't decide to fully commit to computing until I hit college and was stuck for what direction I should proceed in.

I went to Sheridan ITAL for a few years and found a passion in all aspects of programming and game development, however I took it too far in my spare time and surpassed the future teaching materials of the course, so I decided to drop out.

Since then I've been running my own Gaming Network and working as a contract web developer among other things. I am always interested in furthering my own knowledge and sharing what I know.

  • Java

    5+ years

  • LAMP

    7+ years

  • Game Development

    4+ years

  • Being a babe

    23+ years

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